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Why Good Hosting is Vital to an Online Business

When your website is central to the success of your online business, the hosting you have can make or break that success. It pays to have the best you can afford and in this article I'll explain why that is.

While it may seem a big expense when you are just getting your website based online business off the ground, paying for the best in web hosting can bring the best return on your investment. website up timeLet's take a look at the reasons for this.

Website Up Time

You may believe that your website will be up and available for visitors to land on it all the time, but the reality is that webhosts suffer downtime from time to time and when they do, your site becomes unavailable for the duration. This is normally only a few seconds here and there when unplanned outages occur, although they can also be a few minutes at a time too.

The big problems come when a host is under attack by hackers intent on penetrating their security systems and particularly intense attacks can take a server down temporarily. The best hosts will have some of the most sophisticated security software in place and that will generally protect their servers and on them your website from all but the very worst attacks, which thankfully don't happen much, if ever.

Cheaper hosts and those that oversell their server space suffer more from brute force attacks by hackers because the servers can't cope with the extra load. At the same time, they may not be using the best security software or even have them correctly set up to fend off the more persistent attackers.

What Does That Mean for Your Website?

When your site is down, or unavailable to visitors, it means potential lost customers at the very worst, or at least lost return visitors. That's because web traffic is very impatient and when they encounter a site that they can't access, they head off and usually never come back.

The other problem is slow loading, which is not quite so bad but still potentially damaging to your online business. Impatient visitors will not wait for your page to load up and will inevitably reach for the back button and go some place else.

To compound these issues, search engine bots trying to crawl your site that encounter a down site or very slow loading pages report the situation to the search engine. In the case of Google, which can be responsible for sending your site a lot of free, organic search traffic targeted for your website's keywords (search terms), that can result in a poor quality score that can mean a drop in your site's ranking in the index, meaning less traffic.

You really must have a good idea of your web hosting needs before deciding upon a suitable host.

You Need Traffic

trafficFor your business to be successful, your website will rely on getting traffic from the search engines, particularly Google. To get the most traffic, your site needs to rank near or at the top of page one for its search terms. So it's important to make sure your site is available and fast loading so that the search bots can crawl it easily and your site can score a high quality rating.

When your site is hosted with the best company, the problem of down time is minimized because it will have invested in the post powerful hardware, the fastest servers, the best communications and the best security measures. It will employ trained staff to manage its servers and will be able to detect and act upon any problems fast and without impact to your site.

Choosing a Company Like Hostgator

This is why you are better off spending that extra each month for peace of mind and a website that is available and fast loading for you to attract more visitors that will stay on you site and become your loyal customers. For any business to succeed, loyal, repeat customers represent the bread and butter of your income, so you need as many of them as you can get!

Choosing a reputable, reliable and high quality host provider like Hostgator can literally be the thing that makes your business, rather than a skimping on a cheap host that may turn out to be the thing that breaks it!

Note: As a Hostgator affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases

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Paying for the best web hosting is part of the process that will ensure you get and keep those customers. Make it your priority and don't scrimp on this aspect of your business. So here's to your success!