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What Are Your Web Hosting Needs?

Before you go ahead and buy some web hosting for your new website, you need to consider what exactly you need from the service and match them to the costs involved.

It may be that you get great value from a particular host because your needs are entirely met, while another company may offer a lot more than you need and you end up paying for services you don't use and may never use in the future.

Getting the balance right between what you need in a host and what is on offer for the price you are expected to pay is important if you are to be happy that you are getting good value for your money. At the same time, you need to ensure that your website is generating sufficient income to justify the cost of its hosting.

Does Your Website Make Money?

The assumption is that a website is designed by its owner to generate some form of income to justify its existence. Now not all websites are created for this purpose and there are many that are just there to fill the need of their author to publish their own writings on a certain subject. This often happens with no thought ever given to turning their creation into a cash generating entity.

But the vast majority of websites are created for the sole purpose of making their owner money and for those, the right to exist generally parallels their ability to generate an income over and above the costs involved in registering the domain and creating, maintaining and hosting the website.

For many webmasters, if their site is generating sufficient income to cover their costs plus some extra, then they justify their existence and will continue to be. Unfortunately, these sites tend to be in the minority, with the vast majority fading into obscurity because they simply weren't making any money for their owners.

Does Hosting Affect a Website's Money Making Capability?

Your choice of host can have a direct affect on how your site ranks in the search engines, which is directly linked to the amount of traffic your site will attract and those numbers converting into sales or clicks on your ads. The way it affects your site depends on how much time your site spends online and how fast it loads up in most popular browsers.

hosting a money making websiteFirst of all, a site's uptime is the time it spends online and available to visitors. Good hosts can practically guarantee your site stays up almost all the time (many quote 99% or better uptime). That is good news on a number of different levels.

  1. The more your site stays up, the better chance search engine bots can crawl you site and register updates, fresh content and its value to search traffic. This positively affects your site's SERP ranking.
  2. The more your site is available to visitors, the better chance you have of them buying your products or clicking your ads or whatever monetization exists on your site.

A site's load time also has two positive effects.

  1. Google in particular has gotten very good at learning how fast your pages load. Fast loading pages provide a good user experience from their perspective and fore that they will rank your site higher in the SERPs
  2. Your visitors will appreciate fast loading pages. They will stay longer and read your articles and be more inclined to buy your products or click your links.

The down side to these aspects are what can break your site and reduce and even totally destroy its income. Looking at uptime, lots of downtime can have major negative effects on your site.

  1. Search engine bots can't crawl a site when it's down. While they will retry after a while, if they keep registering a site unavailable, that data gets fed into search engine ranking algorithms and your site will lose SERP ranking. This means less organic search traffic, fewer visitors and less income.
  2. Visitors to your site that are frequently faced with a message from your host telling them you site is currently unavailable does nothing to inspire them to want to return anytime soon. You will lose sales, customers and repeat visitors which in the current economic climate can kill your online business.

A slow loading website is another major problem for both search engine bots and visitors.

  1. Search engines such as Google will determine your site loads slowly and will giver your site a low quality ranking, meaning lower SERP ranking and less free traffic.
  2. Web surfers have very little patience and tend to dislike slow loading webpages. Rather than feel inclined to stay and look around your site, they will instead reach for the back button and go visit someone else's site. That means fewer return visitors, fewer sales and less money for you!

So you can see that it is important to choose a host that not only claims to provide excellent uptime and fast loading, it delivers on that claim!

Does Cost Equate to Quality Hosting?

quality hostingMany people believe that if they simply pay more for their web hosting needs they will be getting a superior quality service. While this can be true a lot of the time, it is certainly not true all the time.

It is always a good idea to do some research on a hosting company you are interested in before you sign up for it. Check some of the better forums like webhostingtalk.com to see who are raving about a certain company or who are calling out a dud.

You can get a pretty good idea how good or bad a company is from user's talking about their own experiences in forums, so keep you ear to the ground and learn all you can before you commit yourself. Look out for any of the major companies that promote discount coupons that can save you a considerable percentage off the regular price.

In the end, the quality of the web hosting you have can certainly dictate how successful or not your website can be. And that can be seen in the amount of money it can make for you, or not as the case may be.