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There are lots of reasons to read a good web hosting review article if you intend putting your website out there and want the best you can afford. This section of the site contains reviews of some of the top hosts that provide services to suit your needs and budget as well as other relevant information about hosting a website professionally.

But before you get into selecting a suitable company to business with, let's take a look ate what you should come to expect from a good host and the services they can provide for you. After all, you want the best for your site and don't want to end up paying for a lemon!

What Makes a Good WebHost

There are several factors that make a good host for your website or sites, so let's take a look at them as summarized below and then expanded upon later:


A reliable host is probably top of the list of important features that would attract customers to trust their precious website to. After all, it's not much use paying for your website to be placed in front of an Internet audience if the site is down when they show up!

At the very least you should demand that your website is available and visible for maximum amount of time that a good webhost can provide you with, which is generally around 99.8%-99.9%.

Feature Rich

If your website is interactive, uses lots of media such as images or video or relies on programs or scripts to display its content, the host should be able to provide the necessary software to enable you to do that seamlessly and without problems. This will include the ability to process php, javascript, cgi etc.

Most good hosts have these features, but beware some cheaper companies that may skimp on certain features that can effectively leave your site in tatters when visited by a real person.

Value for Money

This is a no brainer, but you want to get a decent service for the price you will be paying for it. It's all well and good getting a really cheap service if you are willing to accept that there will be compromises.

On the other hand, while some companies will charge a lot more for their services, you should expect to get the best level of service for the money you are paying.

Good Support

There is no getting away from the fact that all servers are pieces of hardware that can have problems from time to time. No server in the world can boast immunity from potential problems that beset all electronic equipment, no matter how reliable

At the same time, it is quite possible that the latest update you just made to your site has an error in the code somewhere that could cause it to crash. You may not know what has happened but it's good to know that you can contact an expert and get your site checked out quickly to ascertain the problem and then find a rapid solution.

This is what good support is and those providers that can claim the best in customer support will get glowing recommendations from users who have been in the situation where they have needed to call on that support and have their problems fixed fast and efficiently. If there is one thing that money can't buy, that's a friendly, helpful and professional support person at the other end of the phone or chat.

Further Reading

So with all that in mind, it is now time for you to choose a service that will satisfy all of the above and provide you with a means to display your website to the world in the best possible way for the money you will be paying for it. Take a look at the reviews below and choose one that you want to learn more about by clicking the title link: